About Us
The vision of Dareebatech Company for Investment stems from its endeavor to provide innovative solutions in Jordan and the region, adopting the latest international technologies to contribute to overcoming time and cost obstacles and facilitating the lives of people in this accelerated era. Dareebatech system enables its users (employees, individuals and companies) to complete their tax transactions and submit their declarations at any time and place through an intelligent and interactive electronic system, which contributes to enhancing tax compliance and improving levels of transparency between governments and their citizens.
Dareebatech Team
The company is led by a team of specialists who have many years of experience inside and outside Jordan and from all financial, technical, marketing and administrative sectors. The team always strives to develop solutions that are in line with the needs of users and provide them with a unique experience.
Dareebatech For Investment Company was established in 2016 with the support of Oasis 500 company specialized in accelerating business in the field of technology and creative industries in Jordan and the Middle East and is one of the subsidiaries of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development.
Dareebatech company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Jordanian government in December 2018 to develop tax filing services electronically in order to facilitate taxpayers and citizens and increase the level of tax compliance without financial burdens borne by the state treasury or taxpayers and using the latest methods and characteristics of global programming, and within a user experience characterized by ease and clarity, In addition to developing and providing new paid electronic services provided by the company directly in the event that it is chosen by the taxpayers to help them obtain added value from the tax declaration process.