DareebaTech your trusted partner in fintech and taxation in Jordan!
DareebaTech distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive range of financial technology solutions in the field of taxes. Leveraging our expertise and technologies, we help you maximize benefits while efficiently fulfilling your tax filing and compliance obligations.
DareebaTech in words...
DareebaTech's vision is driven by its commitment to providing innovative solutions in Jordan and the region, leveraging the latest global technologies to overcome the obstacles of time and cost and to facilitate people's lives in this fast-paced era. DareebTech's E-filing system enables users to obtain optimal tax consultation for completing their tax transactions and filing their returns anytime, anywhere through an intelligent and interactive electronic system.
Iqrari, your best tax consultant!
Welcome to the world of Iqrari! Iqrari offers the easiest and most optimal way to fill and submit DareebaTech declaration electronically to the Income and Sales Tax Department. Save your time and effort and achieve the best tax result for you with Iqrari.
An intelligent and interactive system
We developed the Iqrari system using the latest technologies and focused on securing the best user experience. With Iqrari, you don’t need to be a tax expert; our system will ask you a series of simple questions to build DareebaTech profile accurately and easily.
Support the years from 2019 to 2023
The Iqrari system keeps pace with all updates to the laws and regulations issued by the Income and Sales Tax Department. It allows the submission of tax returns for the last 5 years, and you can also contact us if you wish to file for older years.
Support for exemptions and proofs
The Iqrari system will guide you to obtain all available tax exemptions within the law and regulations, supported by evidence. Additionally, based on the data provided by you, it will suggest tax advice tailored to your situation.
Our achievements in brief...
Through a series of prominent successes driven by dedication and effort, we have achieved excellence in reaching our goals and making a positive impact on society. These achievements reflect our commitment to success and our positive influence on the community.
Crown Prince Meets DareebaTech!
His Royal Highness Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince, met with the DareebaTech team as part of his keenness to support Jordanian entrepreneurial youth and encourage them to continue innovating. This meeting exemplified his constant commitment to promoting innovation and supporting entrepreneurship spirit in Jordan, thereby enhancing the capabilities of youth and motivating them to achieve success.
10-Year Agreement with the Jordanian Government!
In line with DareebaTech's collaboration and in harmony with the digital transformation process led by the Ministry of Digital Economy in the Jordanian government, the company signed a 10-year memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the Income and Sales Tax Department to develop and operate electronic tax filing services.
DareebaTech in Silicon Valley Program!
DareebaTech participated among 15 Jordanian startups in a program aimed at supporting and facilitating access of startups to the US market, held in Silicon Valley. The selection was based on criteria tailored to the US market and investors there, out of approximately 100 applications submitted by Jordanian companies to benefit from this program. The program was implemented in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan, the World Bank, and the partner "TechWadi" in the US.
DareebaTech Showcases its Solutions in UAE
The Jordan Business Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates organized the second meeting of the initiative of the Expatriate Investors Network in Dubai, which brought together 20 companies of entrepreneurs in Jordan specializing in the digital economy. DareebaTech was selected to participate in the second forum after a thorough study of about 100 companies, 20 of which were selected based on the criteria of interest of expatriate Jordanian investors.