DareebaTech For Employees
DareebaTech system provides employees with excellent electronic tax services that make the process of filling in their tax returns very easy, accurate and fast.
You answer and we take care of the rest
Through our smart and interactive system, you can properly complete your tax return by filling out a set of easy and direct items. Step by step, the system will guide you to ensure the best result for your tax situation.
Promote recognition of attachments
We inform you of all the required attachments at every step, and you only have to upload a picture of each facility electronically and by using any device (computer or mobile phone) to finally prepare for you an integrated file containing your tax return and the required attachments.
Accuracy of advice and calculation
We guarantee the accuracy of calculating your tax 100% and its compatibility with any developments in the income tax law. DareebaTech system is an intelligent system that performs immediate checks and checks and is designed to deal with various tax cases.